Family Portraits

Funny but my family hasn't had a complete family portrait since the boys were little.  Sure we have had lots of snap shots either on vacation or holidays, but we haven't done a professional photo of the children in years.  Partly that was because my kids can be a little wild and I was terrified that if I hired someone they would goof around and the second reason was because I always thought I was too fat.  Now I look back and think gee I was skinny back then and I am kind of sad that I just didn't hire someone and let the chips fall where they may because at least we would have the moments captured. Probably would have a good laugh too at some of the boys antics.  Well that is going to change because we are finally going to have our photos taken this coming October.  I booked the photographer months ago.  I mean time is running out my oldest son graduate this spring and we wouldn't have a family photo of us if I hadn't booked.  And who cares how much I weigh.  It is what it is!  I mean I have had for babies, lost one baby, adopted two, and lived life with illness now for the past year that has effected my weight.  Anyway, this whole rant is kind of a digression, but the point is that you should never put off getting photos taken as you just might not have tomorrow.  I was looking through my photos and found these photos from a photo shoot I had done last fall.  I am looking forward to getting my camera out again this weekend.  Hopefully the weather won't get in the way as it had this past weekend.  Have a great weekend!

This is a family I shot last year! I just realized I never shared their photos. I can't wait to take their photo this year!


Cascia Talbert said…
You have a beautiful family!
eileeninmd said…
Hello, lovely photos of you and your family. The children are all adorable. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos Kelleyn. Yes, don't postpone with photos till "a good time" -because there never is:)
You're right, being on the photo with your children is much more important than your size! Especially for you children later. The first thing both of my girls (who are now married with children) showed to their boy friends were the family photos!.
Many thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos with SEASONS! Have a happy week:)
You do have a beautiful family. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a such a nice comment.
Unknown said…
So sweet =) Love the light you have in your photos =)

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