Eating Clean

9 months ago I was diagnosed with Lupus.  What is Lupus?  Lupus is a chronic disease that effects the skin, joints, or organs inside the body.  Chronic meaning it can last weeks, months, years, or a lifetime.  Mine effects my joints.  It started 5 years ago when I gave birth to my daughter Adelaide.  I could barely pick her up at times and I felt like an 80 year old woman.  My doctor sent me to a Rheumatologist, but he did not know what was wrong and did not believe I had Lupus.  The symptoms went away for a time, but then 2 years ago they were something fierce.  I was constantly tired and beyond normal tired for a mother of 5 soon to be six children.  My doctor sent me back to a new Rheumatologist  and he made a few blood test and sure enough I had the markers for Lupus.  I knew it wasn't all in my head which by the way is the worst when maybe you think you are making it up all in your head or no one believes you.  He started me on some medications which have helped tremendously, but now I want to take it to a new level by eating clean.  He has advised me that if I changed my diet that I would feel much better. I have been asked to limit sugar, red meat, and gluten. Very hard for this girl who loves food and loves sweets, but I am tired of feeling sick.  So wish me luck !  And say a little prayer because I know it isn't going to be easy.  I am addicted to sugar!  I will be posting my progress over the next couple of weeks and months.

BBQ Chicken Salad ( serves 2)

1 chicken breast grilled salted and peppered.  BBQ sauce is optional
2 hard boiled eggs peeled and chopped
1 cucumber chopped into bite size pieces
1 large tomato
1 avocado chopped into bite size pieces
1 head of romaine lettuce washed and chopped
1 ear of grilled corn
Toss all ingredients together.

dressing 1/2 cup of plain yogurt
1/4 cup of mayo
salt and pepper to taste
a teaspoon of vinegar
a splash of milk
3-4 basil leaves washed and chopped
salt and pepper to taste 
A couple sprigs of chives chopped
1 teaspoon of dill 
whisk all ingredients together and thin out with additional milk if dressing is to thick.  Spoon on top of salt.

Enjoy!  So refreshing on a hot summer/fall day!  

Do you eat clean?  If so what are your favorite recipes?  I really trying to eat the paleo diet,but mostly just gluten free.


Unknown said…
There are many cooking blogs out there for you. We have been gluten free for 16 years (celiac disease). I use apps when traveling. You might get a sugar urge after the first few days that you are limiting your sugar, but it will pass in a week or so. bring your food with you so that you don't get stuck with only gluten foods around you. Good luck and feel free to ask questions to your bloggers because I'm sure they have a lot of great ideas regarding your dietary needs.

Best of luck,
Matkatar said…
The salad looks great! Thanks for sharing your recipe!
Buckeroomama said…
I try to eat "clean," but it is not easy. I do try though, if only for one day a week. Baby steps...
Keskeneräinen said…
Good luck with your diet! I guess it would do good to anybody, not just people with Lupus. Luckily you got the diagnosis; the worst thing is when doctors tell you "everything is fine" when it isn't!
eileeninmd said…
Hello, good luck with the new diet. When it comes to taking care of your health I think it may be easier for you to stick to it. The salad looks delicious! I am glad the meds are helping you. Happy Thursday, enjoy your weekend ahead!
Betsy said…
I will have to try this one. Thank you for the recipe.
Jeanna said…
You can do it. I've struggled with trying to eat better and limiting or cutting out the same things for diabetes, arthritis, vertigo and now IBS. You do feel better and I know it's so much easier to say than do. The great thing is that stuff tastes better and you appreciate foods in ways you couldn't before.
Good luck, I'm pulling for you.
The salad looks are very beautiful.thanks for sharing.

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Good luck to you! I am sure it will be worth it if it makes you feel better. That salad looks delicious anyway!

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