On Your Mark, Get Set, Go

September is flying by!  Every time I turn on the computer I see some count down until Christmas. Thankfully the decorations for Christmas haven't hit the store, but it won't be too long before the shelves are full of Christmas items.  I love fall though!  I mean who doesn't like pumpkins, hot apple cider, doughnuts, apple picking. Now only if the weather would reflect the season. We are still in the 90's every day and to be honest I am getting sick of wearing shorts.  I am ready to put on some pants and a sweater or even long sleeves.  We have had a busy week, and our weekend is just as busy.  Last weekend, Harris participated in his first electric car race of the season.  I am not sure how many races they will have in total, but they came in third place.  He and a group of other students built this car and raced them against other like cars.  I love that the school has such great programs.  Well, I am off to bed.  It has been a long day and I am tired.  Have a great weekend!


We enjoyed our food in Barcelona and Seville. We had great pizza in Malaga, but I can't say I enjoyed the food in Valencia.

I have "Fall" envy. The thought of getting on another airplane and going anywhere sounds about as good as a root canal, but I miss the seasonal cues of cooler temps, leaves changing colors, and a reason to pull out the sweater and hot cocoa!
Unknown said…
Great idea =) And it looks like a great car =)
Anonymous said…
Oh my dear, I would be tired too (hope you had a good night rest). How exciting to have real races! And third place is excellent:) Thanks so much for sharing the fun race with SEASONS!
Wishing you lots of energy for another (no doubt) full week:):)
That is so awesome the kids built a car at school.
GayNYCDad said…
This is an excellent activity for the kids to be involved with! They learn and they build self-esteem!
DeniseinVA said…
This is a fantastic program and that is such a great photo. I'm ready for fall too and love this season to the max. I'm not ready for Christmas yet but am really going to try hard to get organized earlier this year :) So says she with her fingers crossed behind her back :)))

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