Camping at the Lake

Every year our church host an annual camping trip which my children look forward to without abandon.  You would think it was Christmas day when you see how excited they get when the announcement is made at church.  Thankfully, I haven't had to spend the night the last couple of years because my mother is happy to stay.  Why spend the night when there is a nice comfy bed down the street.  I mean as my husband says, "man has been fighting for years to get out of the cave, so why would you sleep on the ground."  I kind of agree!  The kids had a blast.  Thank you Nana! Until next year!



Now that's what I call a good grandmother!!
barbara said…
My dauhghters love camping too! Happy birthday for saturday!!
Unknown said…
Nice Blog ;) I'm following your blog from now on ;)
Thanks for sharing "your life" and travels ;)
Sharon Wagner said…
Happy campers for sure!

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