Pearl River

I wanted to post this excursion before I forget; however, I am missing the photo of Ivy and me and will add that as soon as I get it from Jill who took the photo.  On Monday night our group went on the Pearl River Cruise. We weren't sure if the excursion was going to take place because it had been raining all afternoon, but just in time for the cruise to start the rain stopped.  We boarded the boat with our Papa John's in hand and off we went.  The city at night is pretty wonderful!  The canton tower it pretty amazing standing 595 meters tall.  It changes colors at night.  This time we didn't get any photos outdoors as it was pretty windy and still pretty wet outside.  So grateful for all the fun things we saw and did while in China.  It sure beats sitting in the hotel while waiting for the government to complete all the paperwork that allows you to travel to the United States with ones new baby.  


Francesca said…
crazy lights! you sure didn't miss a chance to see and do something new - what a great traveler!

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