Happy Birthday Ivy!

This past Sunday, Ivy turned 2!  We spent the day touring China (see the two previous post)  Came home had some birthday cake sent to us by our adoption agency and finished the even with a bowl of Tagliatelle with Bolognese  sauce at a restaurant called Buongiorno with a fellow adoptive family that we met through Facebook and a few other families from our adoption group.  This is what I know about Ivy so far:  She likes hard boiled eggs, watermelon, peanuts,  yogurt, noodles, apples, cake, rice crackers and bananas.  She can say mama, baba, and bye bye.  She loves music and anytime she hears music will start to move her body back and forth to the beat of the music.  She loves animals.  She wants to be held 24/7 and is terrified of me walking away.  She needs a nap every day and when she gets mad watch out.  We only have a few more days here in China and I am starting to miss home.  I can't wait for her brothers and sisters to meet her, but I can't wait for her papa to meet her as I know he is going to adore her as he adores our other children.    Happy Birthday Miss Ivy!


Francesca said…
Happy birthday Ivy, so happy she celebrated it with her mom!

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