1 Month

It hasn't been exactly one month, but I am sometimes impatient and I couldn't wait to share this photo of Ivy with all of you.  Each day with this little one is a new adventure as we watch her learn, explore, and grow.  Her language is really exploding.  When she came to us she could only say mama and papa which are the Chinese words for mommy and daddy.  She can now say bye bye, what, more, and almost say dog.  She tries really hard and can usually at least get the beginning sound of the word.  She has been slower in her processes of loving us and letting us love her, but that is OK because it will come.  She will now let Frank pick her up, feed her and will give him a kiss (ching ching).  She took to Roman off the bat and is warming up to her other siblings.  She is a fantastic sleeper (thank-goodness)!  She loves water and is curious about everything.  She knows what she wants and what she doesn't want and is a super picky eater.  She is at least trying new things even if she spits them out moments later.  Tomorrow, she has her first doctor appointment.  I am sure she won't be on the American growth charts or at the very bottom of that chart because though she is two she wears clothes for a 1 year old baby. As you can tell, we adore her!  She is the perfect final addition to our family.


Heather said…
Congrats, Kellyn! She's smart AND beautiful!
Francesca said…
she looks very happy already!
Anonymous said…
She's a darling child! Am sure she'll do great with the adjustment!
Today my link is still open to 7pm, Pacific time.
You wanna share her with SEASONS (since any experience during the season is great)?
My post this week is SEASONS-Passover. And if you catch this too late, hope to see you next week (link is open Sun-Wed.) - have a good one:)
Anonymous said…
Many thanks for adding your cutie pie to SEASONS:):) Hpe to see you back very soon!
Jill Harrison said…
what special people you must be to adopt this little one. I am sure she will thrive with the love you give her. Enjoy. Have a wonderful weekend, and thank you for stopping by my blog.
carol l mckenna said…
She is adorable and aren't you both lucky to have each other ~ Great photos and thanks for visiting my blog ~

Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

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