The last few days have been extremely busy with the consulate appointment, as trip up the Canton Tower, leaving China, and then traveling home from Hong Kong.  On Saturday morning we left for the airport a little after 9 and made it through security and to the gate just in time to board the plane. The agents were great and allowed me to pre-board the plane the plane before the other passengers and the agent even helped me carry my bags to my seat.  How awesome was that!  Ivy was very good on the plane and only fussed just a little when she was uncomfortable when she was trying to sleep. We arrived into Seattle and everything went well with immigration and then on to our finally leg of our journey to Atlanta.  Ivy slept the whole way home.  I couldn't have been more excited as the plane touched down and I was able to finally see my husband and family after 17 days of being in Hong Kong and China.  My good friend Amanda came to celebrate the day with us and thanks to her we have some great photos of our reunion.  I still have some photos of China to post, so stay tuned.  It feels so good to be home and all the things I worried about so far have not been really and issue.  Ivy has slept the last two night through the night and she loves her brothers and sisters.  She still hasn't let Frank really hold her, but she will give him kisses.  She really loves her brother Roman and followed him around all day yesterday.


NCSue said…
Such a cool photo, that first one!
Welcome home!
Thanks for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2016/04/the-many-faces-of-louie.html
Unknown said…
Congrats to the entire family..love to you
Francesca said…
very moving photos of the reunion! and now a new chapter of your life begins!

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