Bath Time

Hi!  We are in Guangzhou now which is in the south about 3 hours from the Hong Kong and China border.  This is were we will get baby girls visa.  Our interview at the consulate is on Thursday.  We left Zhengzhou yesterday around 2:00 p.m. which was bittersweet because that was Ivy's home province.  Ivy is slowly warming up to me and on some days I feel like we aren't making any progress, but I know it is a process. She has been through a lot.  Most nights I have to have her fall asleep on my chest and then make a gentle roll over so that she will fall on the bed.  When she wakes up she can be hopping mad and not to thrilled to see me as if to say, "What you are still here?  I want to go home where I know everyone and I have my own bed."  I think things will get much better once we are back home in the states.  The one good thing is she loves taking a bath.  The other night I poured water of her head to rinse out the soap out of her hair and she just giggled and giggled.  When she smiles it lights up the room.  She also really likes music.  When she hears a little bit of music she will rock her body back in forth as if she is dancing.  Well, we are off today to go the a Buddhist temple and the off to the an art institute that is as old as time or practically old as time. Hope you are having a great weekend.  Do you have anything special planned for the weekend? 


lovely photo of her fabulous smile. 2 steps forward, 3 steps sideways, 97 back and then forward again you march. THe emotions in these first few days are so so hard, glad you have a friend to lean on now. hugs
Amanda said…
Can't wait to meet you Ivy! Morgan and I will meet you at the airport 💕
Francesca said…
it must be a little hard to go through all this by yourself, in a foreign country and while being so busy with all the formalities!
glad you've found at least one activity that relaxes her and that she loves.

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