Growing up

We moved to Atlanta 13 years ago and two years after we moved here our good friends the Ceccagnoli's moved here from France.  Simona's husband works with my husband.  We have shared many wonderful moments together such as births, baptisms, birthdays, vacations, and holidays.  You get the idea.  This past weekend we had the opportunity to attend the confirmation of their oldest son. What a wonderful experience to be able to celebrate such a wonderful moment with their family.  I cried as their son and his grandfather walked down the aisle.  Afterwards, we celebrated the event with a wonderful meal in their garden.  The food was amazing, but with  Italian cooks I can't imagine having a bad meal.  Soon our son's will be graduating.  First with my son and then the year after their son.  They are becoming such fine men.  Just thinking about it makes me a little teary-eyed.  Our babies are growing up.



Anonymous said…
Oh these milestones are precious! And everyone looks so happy:)
My dear Kelleyn, maybe you didn't think of it, but this is an experience in the Season, so I hope you see this before 7pm, Pacific time, so you can add it onto this weeks SEASONS - April poppies! Thank you, dear blog friend!
Sharon Wagner said…
Oh my gosh. That little cake looks amazing!
Ela said…
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Ela said…
Great family holiday! That cake looks fantastic!

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