Vienna Schoenbrunn Palace

Vienna is an amazing city!  It is like the most incredible wedding cake.  Just around every turn is another incredible building, palace or park.  We arrived late Saturday night into Vienna, so we just grabbed some dinner at a close-by restaurant and went straight to bed.  We rose bright and early and boarded the U-Bahn for the Schoenbrunn Palace owned by the famous Hapsburg family.  Marie Theresa is one of the Queens who once lived there with her very famous daughter Marie Antoinette who later married Louis 16th and both had their heads chopped off during the French Revolution.  She was also the grandmother to Franz Joseph and Elizabeth also beloved and known as Sisi.  Sisi was killed in Italy and later Franz Joseph was shot and killed thus starting the beginning of WWI.  Schoenbrunn was just one of the many palaces where they lived.  This palace is famous for the inside which is decorated in the Rococo style.  The grounds are beautiful and are open to the public; however, if you want to see the inside you will need a ticket.  I suggest getting the self-guided audio tour and see all 40 rooms.  It doesn't take as long as one would think and it only took us a matter of minutes to buy a ticket,  I am sure you could probably buy one in advance online too.

Another correction, I guess I needed to pay better attention to my history class.  It was not Sissi's husband that was killed, but the heir Archduke Franz Ferdinand.


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