Close By "Corner View"

What I should be showing you are pictures of my two little side kicks who don't leave my side all day and want to be touching me just about pretty much all day.  I love them, but it can be a little overwhelming at times. I won't though because I don't want to be one of those moms who can't talk about anything else other than her children.  What I will show you are photos of the landscape close by my house.  I think I live in the most perfect place.  I live close enough to the city that at any moment I have more choices of fun things to do than I possibly have enough time to do and probably could eat at a different restaurant each time we eat out for our lifetime.  We live close enough to the country that pear blossoms bloom everywhere, barns are just around the bend, deer live in our backyard, and when I drive my daughter to school I see these beautiful horses who make driving up the curvy and hilly road worth driving.  Corner View is a weekly appointment shared by people around the globe, an appointment started in the spring of 2009 by Jane in Spain and currently hosted by Francesca over at Fuori Borgo. We welcome you to join us.


Heather said…
You do live in a beautiful place! I hope Beth sees your barns :-)
Francesca said…
i didn't realize you lived so close to the country! i never tire of seeing your two little side kicks :)
Menthe Blanche said…
That's right, you live in a very beautiful place. I love the red farm, its shape and color are typical of the USA, nice!
And see horses close to home .... this is necessarily nice, this is not me who say otherwise ;)

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