Hi!  I am still here!  I haven't fallen off the planet; however, I have been very busy.  The girls started a music class this week through Kindermusik and Harris is getting his braces off today.  I have been spring cleaning and my sweet husband has been making some additions to our house.  I am so thrilled to have more shelves added to our pantry and soon hooks will be put up for the children's backpacks.  Soccer started and so far Winston's team is 3-0.  I have also been working on converting some of my blog into books and working on our vacation plans for spring break and summer.  The day just seem to fly by.  Last night I watched Frozen with the two girls.  Addy was so cute as she tried to sing the song Let it Go.  It was her first princess movie.  Roman made this diorama for school.  His animal was the Arctic Wolf or white wolf, and this is his habitat.  I think he did a pretty good job.  Well, I better go!  I need to take Addy to school.  Have a great day!


tinajo said…
The diorama looks great, well done! I´ve seen Frozen too - really liked it! :-)
Awesome diorama! Happy Spring to you!
Francesca said…
we have hooks for backpacks, and yet the floor seem to be the preferential place for them :)

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