Random Moments

While maybe not worthy of a blog post individually on their own these photos are moments I don't want to forget.  Oma and Opa came from Germany to hold down the fort while we were in China and took care of us for weeks afterwards.  I am so grateful for their help.  We couldn't have traveled to China without them. While they are here we are blessed with fantastic food, engineering advice, love, and endless Monopoly games.

Winston has as special relationship with Miss Avery!  He traveled to China with us and was there on Gotcha day.  She adores him.  While in China, Winston was often found saying how adorable Chinese babies are and he wants to adopt same day.  Yesterday, my husband testified at church in front of our congregation that he saw the face of God while in China as he saw families open their hearts to amazing children so filled with love.

The Cake was a celebration of my husbands work.  I would tell you what the two stands for, but then I would have to kill you.  It is top Secret.  The cake was an ice cream cake.  It was a huge hit.  Here is where I found the recipe.

Roman was in his first grade play Aesop Fables.  He didn't want to go, but once he got to the school he did a fantastic job.

We have had multiple play dates with our adorable friend Morgan this winter.  We adore her!  We can't wait for her to bring home her baby sister from China.


Awesome pictures and how nice to have in laws that can help and share a special bond with your kids. Love the cake looks delish! Have a wonderful week!
Francesca said…
a top secret that only your family can share sound good :)
hooray for grandparents, they're such a vital part of a family, however far!
thanks for the nice photo collection!
tinajo said…
Memories for a life time! :-)


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