Children's Museum

Last week, the girls and I drove into the city and went to the children's museum.  The girls had so much fun! Avery could have spent all day in playing in the play kitchen.  Addy enjoyed playing in the fish pond, the farmers market, and the sand box.  I am sure we could have spent all day there. We will be going back in a couple of weeks with our friend Morgan.  The girls can't wait!


Shauna said…
It's so cute to see Avery playing and thriving!! It's wonderful actually. I'm so happy for you all. I"m happy that Addy has a sister. It's the best!! Love,

Shauna xo
Stephanie said…
Look at them! This is just the sweetest! So SO happy for your sweet family!
The McIntires said…
Your girls are going to be the best playmates!

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