Adventures in China

The other day Frank was going through his pictures on his phone and he found these treasures.  I knew that when we went to China it was going to be an adventure and not just  because we would be adding a new addition to our family.  I wasn't really sure what to expect when we left for China.  I had read tons of blogs and I knew some things in terms of what to expect, but every persons experience is so different.  Years ago my mother and I went to Ireland with family members,  the whole time the family members complained about different things.  No ice, different food, and so on went the complaints the whole trip.  Anyway, I went to China with an open mind.  I was actually pleasantly surprised.  China while in many areas is so very poor it is trying to catch up to the rest of the world.  Every Hotel we stayed in was clean and the service of the  was wonderful.  99% of the food we ate was fantastic!  I didn't have a hard time finding food I liked and I never went to bed hungry.  I am still craving the garlic green beans and garlic chicken wings we had our  last night in Zhengzhou.Still laughing over the meal we had as a group when we walked down the street to eat and came upon a restaurant with no picture menu.  We were so hungry that we thought we would chance it!  What we ended up with after playing charades was pretty funny.  The one thing about China is that if you are looking for an adventure in dining you will find it!  Anything that moves and is alive is free game.  Donkey, camel, rabbit, brains, or tongue are pretty common on menus.  When you go to Walmart you will find things familiar such as Coke, Oreo cookies, chips, Ramen and produce; however, the adventure begins in the meat department.  You will find frog, snakes, chicken feet, and turtles.  It was a good thing I hadn't seen the slaughtered meat sitting on the floor of one shop prior to eating at the beginning of my journey or I may not have eaten any meat the whole trip.  Weeks out and I am ready to go back.  Maybe not for another baby, but I think there is so much more of China to see!  The country is beautiful and the people are very sweet.  Yes, you might have people come and get in your body space, but it isn't meant in mean way.  They are curious and their customs are different about body space.  Our tour guide said to us that it may appear that the people are being rude, but when you grow up with in a country where there are so many people you learn to fight for your space.  It was an adventure!


Shauna said…
What in the world am I looking at in that bottom picture. Hahhaahaha!! I'm so happy for you and your travels and that things have worked out so wonderfully this far. It's great to follow along. Love,

Shauna xo
Francesca said…
nice post Kelleyn, i really enjoyed reading about china, and seeing Frank's photos - what i find the oddest here, is the idea of going grocery shopping, and coming back home with a bag full of live animals ... and then having to kill them!
Francesca said…
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tinajo said…
Looks amazing - those frogs make me slightly ill though, haha! :-)
dawn said…
that is exactly how I felt. I am not an adventurous eater and lost a lot of weight whilst there the first time so the second time I took my own food.

I love love love the China with all its customs and experiences. I too want to go back and show the girls everything I can
ALL so very true! We adore China and can't wait to get back there!!! XO

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