The Weekend

Hi!  How was your weekend?  Our was good, busy, but good.  Winston had soccer on Saturday.  His team won 3-2 which makes the 4th win of the season.  Amanda (our babysitter) was home for spring break, so she came over on Friday night to babysit.  Frank and I went to the temple.  I always feel so good afterwards and feel like I can accomplish just about anything.  Saturday night Harris and I went to see Divergent.  I am now excited for the second movie to come out.  Sunday, Harris had a leadership meeting for his youth group at church.  He is in the presidency.  I am now in the nursery for the children ages 18 months to 3.  I like that I can be with Addy and Avery.  I made Swedish Meatballs this week.  The majority of the family liked them.. The two that didn't said they didn't like the combination of beef with all spice.  It is kind of an unusual flavor combination; however, I thought they were good.  It is always good to try a new recipe.  Well, I am off to the gym with summer just two months away I can't ignore the fact that I have put on some weight this year and I really need to get it off.  Thankfully, Avery enjoys going to the play center.  Have a great week!


Francesca said…
carving out some time for yourself, and going to the gym, is always a good idea!
Francesca said…
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