The Paper Chase and Serendipity "Cornerview"

The day started off high in anticipation. The moment I had waited for 5 months was finally here and soon our paper chase for acquiring our documents for our adoption would be over.   An e-mail notification said my documents were on their way. I ate breakfast with my in-laws and was just about to go upstairs and get dressed to go to the gym when my cell phone chimed. I walked over to the island and picked up my cell phone. On the screen of the phone there was a brief message stating my documents had been delivered. I ran to the door and picked up the Fed Express box. I hadn't actually anticipated my documents arriving so early.   I placed the documents on the counter and remembered that I needed to copy my husbands passport to complete the documents I needed to take to the adoption agency.   The passport wasn't where we store them.  My heart started racing because without his passport I couldn't turn in the documents.  My husband said that maybe I had forgotten to put it back the last time I had used it and maybe the passport was with my other papers. I looked and no luck.  Then my husband suggested that maybe I had left it at Fed Express when I had used it last.  I didn't want to believe it.  I searched the car, my pile of paper work, and just about every drawer in our house.  No luck!  I called the agency and told them that it was possible that I would not be in today and what had happened.  I called Fed Express and they confirmed my worst nightmare.  I had left the passport there and when I didn't return for it they had sent it to the State Department. To make a long story short, the State Department canceled my husbands passport and he will need to apply for a new one.  While I would have liked to have had a good cry it would not have done any good.   Off to the gym!  When we were just about to pull in the gym parking lot the idea came to me that my husband had to use his passport for his birth certificate.  I pulled the car over and called the agency again and told them my idea to use that copy to get the copies I needed.  They said it might work, but were worried it might be too dark.   I whipped the car around and headed to my local copy facility.  Magic!  It worked!  Off it was to the agency.  No way was I going to let all these documents sit in my car all day.  Another hiccup came when we realized I hadn't copied all the documents, but after dropping off my daughter and my mother-in-law off back at the house along with a good hour date with a copy machine I had everything I needed.  While ultimately the day took a turn I hadn't intended through the Grace of God and his sweet tender mercies by giving me the idea to use the copy used in place of my husbands birth certificate it all worked out in the end.  A little serendipitous! At 3:35 p.m. our dossier was completed and turned into our adoption agency.  Yahoo!  What does this mean for us now?  It takes a little less than two week to review, translate, and ship off all our documents to China from which China will in turn give us what is called a Log-in-Date.  That date will allow our agency to match us with a child.  Hopefully, six months from now we will be bringing home our daughter.

sorry for a blurry photo
just realized my lens was on manual


tinajo said…
I´m SO very excited for you, sending you thoughts and love! :-)
dawn said…
You stay so calm and graceful under pressure. Adoption paperwork makes me With both girls the wait was so long everything had to be re-done at least twice and sometimes 3 times. I unravelled alot.
Yay, you a huge step closer.
Thank you for you comment the other night on the blog. I have had many many conversations with lily regarding being adopted and they have run the gmaut from sad to amazing. You are going to have no problen dealing with your duaghter when she brings them up because you get it. I just want you to know that if you ever have a question, ever, you can email me,
Yay! I'm so excited for you! I'm glad you didn't panic and a good idea came from this! Hoping the next six months flies by!
Menthe Blanche said…
Wow, what a story! Calm and determination: your best friends! I'm excited for you, what an adventure! :)
Francesca said…
What an ordeal - hope all works out for the best!
Francesca said…
What an ordeal - hope all works out for the best!
Heather said…
Can't wait to see photos of your new daughter. Six months will fly by!
Shauna said…
Kelleyn, so happy you sorted out the frustration!!! Always praying for you...always. Can't wait for the next few months, love ya,

Shauna xoxoxo
Julie said…
Wow! Congratulations! Such a huge deal to get to this point. Each step seems so huge, doesn't it. Before you know it, you'll be a crazy woman like me trying to get ready to get to the airport! Blessings! Julie
Di said…
That's a great achievement.....and another step closer. It must feel great.

M friend Mariana often has "amusing" passport stories to fact she is notorious when it comes to her passport and travelling. She has lost her passport in Germany and it is not the easiest to replace a Costa Rican passport so she ended up having to stay an extra week in Germany.....she left her home in Bath to travel by bus to Heathrow airport to fly to Costa Rica for a visit only to discover that she had left her passport at home which necessitated a 530am phone call to her flatmate who had to run to the bus station and ask the driver of the next bus heading to heathrow to take Mariana's passport. And just yesterday she was heading to Japan for a meeting and the Facebook post came, to say that she had got up at 4am as necessary and made it to the airport only to realise that she had left her passport in the taxi, had to call the taxi company and ask the driver to come back to the airport.

Only Mariana can have so many passport disasters, regularly diverted.

I think that you will be fine from now on!

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