Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!  Did you know today is the day Chinese celebrate their New Year!  This year is the year of the Snake.  We have never celebrated Chinese New Year, but this year I thought it would be fun too since we are adopting from China.  The table is set and after church we will come home and eat Potstickers, Sweet and Sour chicken, and Beef Broccoli and for dessert fortune cookies.  I wanted to buy different candies from China, but it turns out my local supermarket doesn't sell any.  How is it that this girl  who grew up in Alaska had them in her grocery store growing up, but that they aren't in our store here in Georgia.  I used to love rice paper candy.  I thought they were the coolest thing.  Next year we will have candy because I will drive to the Asian market and buy some or buy some when we are in China.  Recently, I watched a documentary about this time of year in China.  The film wasn't really on the New Year, but how everyone returns home at this time of year.  Some parents who work in far away cities use this time to go home and see their child who lives with their grandmother and grandfather.  I can't imagine not being able to see my child for a whole year.  It makes me feel extremely blessed.  I don't really believe in Horoscopes, but I thought it is funny that I have two children that are born in the year of the rabbit who are very similar in personality.  In our family we have Harris and Addy who are born in the year of the rabbit.  Winston is born in the year of the horse and my husband are born in the year of the snake.  Roman and I are born in the year of the boar and we have very similar personalities.  I wonder what year Avery will be a rabbit, snake or dragon? Yesterday, Addy and I went and did a little shopping at the American girl store. At first we were just going to buy her baby a valentine outfit, but we couldn't leave without buying Avery her own Itty Bitty Baby too!  There was a woman behind me who questioned why I was buying a Asian baby doll and  explained to her that we were adopting.  Can I just say that I will never again go to the store on a Saturday.  The place was a zoo!  Happy New Year!


Shauna said…
We often do some things for Chinese New Year for Homeschool and with other families. I'm so excited for your family. Great things are coming. Love to you,
Shauna xoxo
I have been craving chinese food so bad....couldn't talk my hubby into having some tonight!! I went to the American girl store once in Chicago.....such an amazing store! Katelyn has too many of those dolls hopefully they will preserve for her kids some day. I loved the bitty babies....I'm sure the girls will love them. Have a great weekend!
Francesca said…
i tend not to believe in horoscopes either, though I do believe that the moon, and the sky has (some?) influence on us.
Cedar said…
Happy Chinese New Year! It is a relatively new holiday for our family, too, but we do all enjoy it.
We just celebrated put first Chinese New Year also with friends who returned to France after living in Beijing. Lots of fun! So excited for your new arrival, what a great opportunity for your family to learn lots about Chinese culture. Finally as a mom of 3 girls, the AG store is super but definitely not on Saturdays or during vacations! Have a great week!
Dianne said…
What a great start to a fun new tradition for your family! The White Rabbit candies are the best (w/ Rice paper), we have to get them at the Asian market, cool they're in the grocery stores in Alaska.
Best wishes for a speedy TA. She's coming to a great family, blessings all around!

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