Death by Chocolate and A Day to Celebrate

The day did not start off well.
I spent the wee early hours of this morning at the dentist
getting a cavity filled.  I don't like the dentist.
Last week I had two teeth that needed crowns
because I guess I cracked my teeth grinding them.
Then it started raining.
Icy cold rain!
I am done with winter!
I need SUNSHINE!!!!!
Then like a miracle several things happened.
I had lunch with my 5 year old.
He was the special student of the week at his school.
I discovered the cherry trees are starting to bloom.
I found this recipe for salted fudge chocolate cookies.
These cookies are the best I have tasted
They are death by chocolate.
One of the two documents the 1-800a came in the mail!
I just need my birth certificate to return from the state department.
Then the papers are off to China!


Kathy said…
What wonderful looking/sounding cookies. It has been raining here all day ....may make some myself! Have a marvelous weekend,
tinajo said…
I really don´t like going to the dentist either - chocolate I DO like however! :-)
Shauna said…
This looks so good!! Yes!!! Prayers are working !!!!! We love you and happy for you!

Shauna xoxoxoxxo
Angela said…
It does the soul good to have some chocolate sometimes. I made some brownies a couple of days ago. I too dislike the dentist chair. Wish you a good week!
Bless your heart! I don't like the dentist either but glad you had some chocolate to fall back on. XOXO
Unknown said…
I have been craving cookies and these sound amazing...and I don't like the dentist either!
Company EIGHT said…
YUM! I have to try those cookies!!!!
Kristi said…
I've enjoyed reading about your adoption journey so far ~ and I've got you in my google reader to continue to follow along! Fun to think that we could end up in China at the same time.
And why did I choose this post about your adoption to comment on?
Thanks for the cookie recipe! Can't wait to try it out!!!

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