Yesterday, I had a fantastic visit with my friend Shawn.  Roman, Addy and I took him on a city tour.  We ate at the Varsity and visited Martin Luther King Jr.'s home.  Then just as the children and I dropped him off we ran over to the International airport to pick up Oma and Opa who arrived from Germany.  Then today we were lucky to be blessed with more visitors from Germay.   My husbands good friend Dieter arrived with his wife.  I served bread, salad wth balsamic vinegar dressing, pasta with meatballs and strawberry cake.  Everyone loved the pasta.  I think had I not served bread with the meal a few plates would have been picked up and licked because that is how good this recipe is!  Now it is late and the house is quiet except for the constant  noise of the rain the roof.  I can barely keep my eyes open.  Today was a beautiful Day! 


tinajo said…
Looks like a very nice time! :-)
Francesca said…
sounds like you have a very full house! enjoy your visitors!
Shauna said…
What a great time! I love the first picture. Company has been coming your way! So fun. Have a great weekend!

SHauna oxxoxoxoxxo
Tiffany said…
Enjoy all of your visitors and have a great time!

Company EIGHT said…
I HAVE to try that recipe--looks amazing! I'm so glad you had such a great time with all of your visitors!!
It's always nice to have visitors! Food looks delish!

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