12-12-12 and other events

I guess we all survived the end of the world and we are now on the other side.  I like the other side.  My house smells amazing as I just pulled out a batch of molasses cookies.  It smells like Christmas!  These are my favorite holiday cookies.  I forgot a few people in my operation cookie and so I found my self baking, but that is no big deal because it really makes me happy to know someones belly will be filled with something I made. 

Heard at my house today a little girl saying baby.  A middle age mother belting out holiday carols as she folded laundry.  It made her so happy.  A teenage boy declaring he was happy his mother could cook. 

Discovered a little boys writing declaring he would be a good elf because he is a good boy. 

One happy father as his little girl squealed as she saw him.  Someone has become a papas girl.

Excited because I am almost done with the Christmas shopping and just maybe I might get a card out if the vest I ordered arrive tomorrow.

Are you finished shopping?  What is on your agenda for the weekend.  We don't have really any grand plans.  The boys are excited to go see the Hobbit.  One will go with him grandmother the other for a friends birthday party.

Looking forward to going to dinner at Nan with our friends Matt, Lisa, Marco, Simona, Michaela, and Olga.  I hear the decor is fabulous and the food is amazing.  I am not a big Thai fan, but Frank loves Thai.  I am sure he will be in heaven.   


Francesca said…
isn't the end of the world, as i understand it, on the 21st? how many end of the world announced are there this year?!
It doesn't get better than that really! I can't imagine not loving cooking and baking for your family. I hear women (younger) say oh I don't cook like its a badge of honor....kinda sad. Don't get me wrong there are days I wish someone else cooked or love dinning out but to see the joy of my family when I make their favorite meal is priceless!
tinajo said…
Ooooh - I long for the Hobbit movie myself, I´m sure I´ll love it! :-)
Le monde dÖ said…
LOL ! The end of the world in France is fot 21th december ! Wait ;)

Ans smile!
Have a nice day
Life is good at your house! Would love a taste of those cookies!!! :) XO
Shauna said…
Hey there, I love this picture! So creative.

We saw the Hobbit tonight with some friends. His company bought out the theatre, so we saw it before it premiered this midnight.

I wanted to answer you back. It sounds like our two daughters are very similar, seriously. These are some tools.

Photo Albums. Do you have a photo album of just your daughter. Summer loves looking at herself. Sometimes I will pull some out that I have done so it will keep her busy.

Dollar workbooks. I have purchased these at the dollar store so that Summer thinks she is "working" and doing the same thing as the other kids that are learning in our home. She does the same thing, grabs and pulls and draws all over their work if she can. So she loooooves the idea of a "math" page to herself. Isn't funny that they can tell the difference?

Bath. Sometimes I will have the kids come upstairs and we will work while Summer goes into a bath because she loves it and it keeps her busy. She'd be in there for an hour if I let her and sometimes I do, why not?

Hope this helps. We are going to a family Christmas party this weekend and our shopping is done. Well, I have one more thing to get but it's easy and nothing big. So with that, I consider myself done and done.... Hooray. :)

Take great care,

Shauna xoxoxoxoxxoo
dawn said…
I love the photo...but then I ALWAYS love your photos.

How could you mention the word shopping? that's a nasty word at this time of year.

Lots of crazy this weekend, another swim meet! Not very festive but then we have our annual hanukah party which is so much fun. Oh and shopping I have to finish the shopping :(
Unknown said…
My boys are excited to see The Hobbit too!

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