Ringing in the New "Cornerview"

Ring Out, Wild Bells
Ring out the old, ring in the new, Ring, happy bells, across the snow: The year is going, let him go; Ring out the false, ring in the true. Ring out the grief that saps the mind, For those that here we see no more, Ring out the feud of rich and poor, Ring in redress to all mankind. Ring out a slowly dying cause, And ancient forms of party strife; Ring in the nobler modes of life, With sweeter manners, purer laws. Ring out the want, the care, the sin, The faithless coldness of the times; Ring out, ring out thy mournful rhymes, But ring the fuller minstrel in. Ring out false pride in place and blood, The civic slander and the spite; Ring in the love of truth and right, Ring in the common love of good. Ring out old shapes of foul disease, Ring out the narrowing lust of gold; Ring out the thousand wars of old, Ring in the thousand years of peace. Ring in the valiant man and free, The larger heart the kindlier hand; Ring out the darkness of the land, Ring in the Christ that is to be. 1850 Alfred Tennyson

I love this poem.  The poem has since been made into a song and is included in our song book at church.  I love when the New Year falls close enough to Sunday that we sing this song.  Have your heard it before?  Isn't it lovely?

The last week or so I have seen a ton of posts in regards to resolutions. One blog talked about trying something for 30 days based off a talk by some inspirational guy who says if you try something for 30 days you are likely to change the habit you so desire to change. Other people pick a word which to focus on to help them change things in their lives such as Simplify or Gratitude. I have to say I am not one for making resolutions. For some reason, the concept sits with me negatively. Why?
I am not sure! Maybe because they don't seem to be taken too seriously. However, I am a goal setter, and I don't need to wait for a New Year to set goals. I set goals every day. Goals of being a better mother, A better person, and to try new things with the hope that at my end of my life I will have no regrets. I am sure I will make some mistakes along the way, but the journey only becomes sweeter from knowing sorrow.   So, you are probably wondering what does ringing in the new have to do with beets, goat cheese, and walnuts.  Well, I have been working on for the last month or so of eating more vegetables.  Beets happen to be my favorite right now.  I love how they are sweet!  When combined with creamy tangy goat cheese, meaty walnuts, and  a little salt and pepper they are just simply Divine.  I am not necessarily going to become a vegan, but  I want to be a better example for my family.  Just maybe my boys will want to try some new things too.    We are 11 days into the New Year and I hope the New Year it treating you well.  Did you make resolutions? 

Too see how others rang in the New visit Francisca who is hosting Cornerview for Jane.


Francesca said…
Can't go wrong eating more vegetables! My daughter insisted that I make minestrone last night, which I never make because it's probably the one vegetable dish that I hate - guess who got to eat it all?
tinajo said…
I do love most vegetables - but fruit is even better! :-)

Loved the poem, haven´t heard it before! :-)
Trying to eat more veggies too and not doing the best...very day is a new day! Have a wonderful Wednesday!
tanĂ¯a said…
I try my best in eating fresh and healthy every day, but failure is my best friend in doing so. Well, no need to give up! ;-)
Happy new yummy year!
Anonymous said…
like you I don´t really have new year resolutions ... but it's a good decision to try to eat more veggies :)
Happy New Year.
jane said…
great post! i hung on your every word. :) (and totally agree.)
la ninja said…
ny's resolutions give me the creeps too. being resolute in what we want to achieve is one thing, fake temporary resolutions 'cos we feel bloated and exhausted... bah, those are pants :)
Heather said…
I like the thought of setting goals instead of resolutions. It's so much more positive!
momto8 said…
I love the perspective of this poem!
nadine paduart said…
oh, here we go, here we go! food!
cheers for the suggestion!!
flowtops said…
Your goals are doable as long as you are flexible in changing them a bit as you go along.

We can't always be perfectly in tune with what we contrive. We can listen to within.

It's great that vegetables came up as one goal. They help build strong energy.

Love that recipe too. Never tried beets with nuts!


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