Lost Tooth

Guess who came to our house last night?

The Tooth Fairy!


So fun and such a great shot! What do you do with the teeth? I know weird question...we kept all Katelyn's not sure why but we found them recently and she was freaked out by them....lol! Have a wonderful weekend!
Di said…
Ah - the cuteness of a toothless grin!
Emily said…
Oh! That's so exciting! Katherine got her first loose tooth while we were on vacation, so we're expecting a visit from the tooth fairy any day now too.

What a cutie!
swig said…
In France it's the tooth mouse (and she isn't even afraid of cats…) warm greetings from Paris!
Menthe Blanche said…
Lovely! I didn't know the "tooth fairy" but only the little tooth mouse too ;)

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