It's Friday Let's Celebrate!

The weather has been extremely mild for January.
Today it was 65 degrees.
The trees think it is spring and are beginning to bloom.
I can never get enough of these sweet moments.
A very happy girl even at bedtime.  She loves her bed.
Just a matter of time before she figures out how to go forward.
Well, if we can't have snow then these Rice Krispy Treat snowmen will have to do.
Life changing sauce and meatballs discovered at The Long Road to China blog.
So good my children licked their plates.
Eating this recipe was like going to Italy for the evening.

Well, It has been a great week here at our house.  The children and I watched Dolphin Tales tonight.
A very cute story. 
Have a lovely weekend!


Loved your Friday....such cute photos! And the sauce and meatballs....yum! Have a wonderful weekend !
Sherri said…
What CUTE rice krispie treats! Love that first playground pic. My little one loves a playground. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you'll be back for a visit. :-)
JoKnows said…
The children are darling!
Francesca said…
you'll soon be running after her! :)
n said…
These photos are lovely! Such sweet moments...
Thank you for sharing..
Hope you have a great weekend too.
Shauna said…
Oh your post is precious. And agreed, if you can't have snow, well, those snowmen will have to do. :) Your tomato sauce looks like heaven, will have to try that one.

Take good care,


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