6 months


HI! I am 6 months old now and that is a half a year old. My mommy can't believe how fast my first year is going by and she keeps telling me not to grow up so quick. Did I tell you that I finally mastered rolling over. I took my sweet time learning how to rollover, but I am really good at doing it and can even scoot myself around in circles by using my feet to turn myself in the direction I want to go. I am eating like a champ now too! I adore pears and plums, but not so keen on bananas; however, don't tell my papa because he loves bananas. They call me all kinds of names like Addy cakes, Peanut, sweet girl, and a few others. My brothers are still really in love with me, but I am sure that won't last for long once I am capable of getting into their things. My mommy thinks it is really cute when I purse my lip together and then make a sound similar to an elephant. I think she thinks whatever I do pretty cute. At my last doctor visit, I weighed 13.6 pounds and was 24 1/4 inches long.
I hope you are having a fantastic day! Talk to you later-


Arctic Mum said…
Happy six months! So cute!!!
Francesca said…
she's wonderful - hope you're getting more sleep these days!
Ayak said…
She's just gorgeous Kelleyn. Doesn't time fly?
Wow 6 months already....time flies! She is such a beauty!
n said…
She is gorgeous! I love her cute pink cheeks..

Happy New year,Kelleyn! Hope you have a wonderful 2012!
momto8 said…
she is so pretty in pink!
happy half birthday!
Company EIGHT said…
Six months already? It can't be!

She is as darling as ever...♥

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