The Best Day Ever!

Lance Armstrong watch out because here comes the next generation of bicycle riders. Today, Roman rode his brand new bike (bike from older brothers didn't survive) for the first time. He rode three miles. It seems like a lot, but that is pretty standard for our family. Our boys are known to ride about 16 miles on any given bike ride, but I think for a 4-year-old 3 miles is pretty impressive. He has training wheels on his bike, but I don't think they will be on there for very long. On the way home, Roman whispered to his papa that it was the best day ever.


Unknown said…
How cute! And exciting! I'm pretty impressed with 3 miles.
Way to go Roman!!! I remember the first time I ever rode my bike it was an amazing day! Hours and hours of entertainment ahead!

Have a wonderful Sunday!
Emily said…
That's so sweet! Good job, Roman!

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