Count Down to Halloween!

You can never have too much frosting.
The architect didn't want to settle for using a milk cart
as a means of support.  He designed his own house.

I think Winston's might be a Janpanese version???
Papa and Addy look on as the boys create their
versions of Haunted Hauses.
Just setting the record straight, I hate haunted houses.
When I was little I got lost in one because somehow
 I got separated from my friends.
It was terrifying.

Halloween is just 4 days away. The children are excited. They can't wait for their class parties; especially, Winston because his class is using slingshots they made to shoot mini pumpkins. In preparation for Halloween, the boys made their versions of Haunted Houses. More candy made it in their mouths than on the house. Afterward, we read the story Halloween Night. Such an adorable story.    The countdown will continue with watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Trunk or treat at the church, mummy dogs for dinner, and last but not least carving pumpkins.


Isabelle said…
great architectural & delicious project !!
Your boys look like they're having a fabulous time with their 'haunted houses'. They're the yummiest looking haunted houses I've ever seen!
Dana said…
Oh. I hate them, too. HATE them.
I'm thankful that they don't really exist here so the draw isn't there for my thankful.
Anonymous said…
sounds so nice your traditions around Halloween ... and wow, those houses look gorgeous :)
tinajo said…
Seems like you were having FUN! :-)
Arctic Mum said…
Hallowen is a new tradition in Norway, but it's getting bigger every year. Last year my daughter spotted some kids going around on doors, and this year I have to let her do it...Oh well, maybe we'll get to know the new neighbours.
Few people celebrate halloween here in Australia, although we are familiar with the traditions.
Love the excitement on the kids faces, houses turned out great! Hope they have a fun celebration!
nadine paduart said…
enjoy the festivities now. i like your new profile photo!

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