October Days

So glad it is Friday! I am tired. It will be nice to sleep in tomorrow morning even though we still have German school in the morning. Today is a gorgeous day. The sun is shining after three days of solid rain. It is 76 degree, but perfect because there is very little humidity. The trees are just beginning to turn. On Wednesday, I made homemade sweet potato donuts they were delicious. The boys loved them. Pretty simple to make. Tried a new recipe for pizza dough from Pioneer Woman's website. It was so simple and really tasty. Had a slumber party with my mom this week since my husband is out of town.  We watched an old movie called Pillow Talk with Doris Day.  How about you have you tried any new recipes this week. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Hey, I did try a new recipe this week, Fan Potatoes!! Those donuts sound warm and yum!! Our trees are not quite turning yet, hopefully soon!!

enjoyed peeking in!!!
Tiffany said…
Sounds like a wonderful week...look how big that sweet baby is! Hope all is well.

Kelly said…
I love trying new recipes.
Glad it's the weekend too....love the inset friday shots!
I made a crock pot whole chicken that was yummy! Your sweet potato donuts look delish!
Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend!
Casa De Luna said…
I made a new spaghetti squash recipe this week. I would love to try your sweet potato doughnuts. I have never met a sweet potato product I didn't like.

The fudge was pretty good. I would share the recipe, but it is a secret from a family friend : )
Thanks for stopping by my blog, Kelleyn! The donuts look super yummy and you have inspired me to try the pizza dough recipe by Pioneer Woman. I think I'll freeze it so we have some to just thaw out when this little one comes:)
Carrie said…
You had me at pizza and Doris Day!
cate said…
look at that cutie pie with her ribbons! getting so big now! loooove PILLOW TALK. perfect slumber party material.

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