In Awe

Today we went on a walk with Roman's friend Andrew.
They found many treasures, and even found a dead snake-yuck!

My heart feels very heavy today. Yet, at the same time peace. The scenery all around me seems to be saying to me be still and know that I am God. I can't help be in awe.  It is just so beautiful outside right now with the changing of leaves. A tapestry of color. Today, I went to the hospital to visit a friend whose daughter is in the hospital. She has a terrible disease called Mito short for Mitochondrial Disease. My heart is breaking for this family as they watch this disease steal the life of their beautiful little girl. It just doesn't seem very fair. Her sweet mother said that she feels so blessed to have been this little girls mother. I know that we have been better for knowing this sweet little girl. Last night, I ran into the mother of my son's best friend who past away two years ago. Mason was only 11 years old. He battled cancer for 3 years. He would be 13 in a couple of weeks had he not passed away. My son on the way home said, "Mom, I feel sad because I can hardly remember what Mason looks like." I told him that was OK because the most important part was that we remember him. Mason had a great smile. Even until the last few minutes of his life Mason battled cancer with such dignity. He was always very positive. Showing more maturity than most grown men and woman. I found this quote today that touched my heart, and I hope it touches your heart. I also enjoyed reading this blog post.

"My plea is that we stop seeking out the storm and enjoy more full the sunlight.
I am suggestiong that as we go through life, we accentuate the positive.
I am asking that we look a little deeper for good, that we still our voices of insult and sarcasm,
that we more generously compliment and endorse virtue and effort." Gordon B. Hinkley

Ok, well, I need to run a couple of boys to Boy Scouts, so thanks for letting me share what is on my heart today. My hope is that something awed you today.


Unknown said…
Looks like a beautiful day for a walk. There are so many sad things people deal with in life. Some days it can really weigh on you. Love the quote you shared!
Jen Price said…
My heart is so sad to read of the boy who lost his life to cancer and the girl battling that disease. I can't imagine how much God's heart breaks.

Beautiful fall photos!
Nadja said…
Sorry to hear about the little girl. It must be very hard for the family and friends to lose her.

The pics are really beautiful, it almost looks the same like in Austria right now. It is quite chilly at the moment... I moved to a small apartment in Jenbach a few days ago and unfortunately the house is not very well isolated, meaning that I have to switch on the radiator quite often. But besides from that the apartment is really cozy and perfect for my needs, just within 10 minutes walking distance from work...

Have a nice day, lots of love to the rest of the family!
Di said…
Thank you for making me stop to count my blessings today - and to remind me that I need to keep doing that - whilst doing what I can to make other people's lives just a little merrier!
Chasing Rainbow said…
I am so sorry to hear about the little girl. I will pray for her family...I have never heard of mito disease.

It seems life takes us away sometimes.

The little things do matter. Yes, enjoy the sunlight, the rain, the moments of pause...that's how I feel after reading your post.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

Shannon b said…
enjoyed your photos and your thoughts so much . . . thank you.
Francesca said…
so heartbreaking. i'm so glad you went to see your friend at the hospital, to spend some time with her and her little girl, and give her the support of a friend.
Emily said…
Oh Kelleyn, I'm so sorry. Thank you for this reminder, though, to cherish life as it comes and to savor the simple moments. This post was so sad -- and lovely.
Ayak said…
There are so many sad things in life Kelleyn. They make us appreciate what we have and help us to appreciate the joy we experience in the good things.
You are a wonderful the photos xx
Company EIGHT said…
What beautiful pictures--I love them.

I'm so sorry to hear about that little girl you wrote about--what a heartache and loss for her family. How lucky they are to have you as friend--
Tally said…
I came to your blog to say thank-you for your comment.
All I can say going over a couple of your posts: Every good wish to you and your family.
A beautiful and meaningful post.
Meryl said…
Beautiful photos. He doesn't seem to have been bothered in the least by the dead snake. Probably thought it was cool (which, it possibly was).

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