Goblin Snot and Ghost Poo a Halloween Wrap Up!

Thank goodness Halloween is over! I am sure I have gained a gazillion pounds and to be Frank I have had enough of this holiday. I write this as the smell of burnt pumpkin seeds permeates my house-yuck! I seriously almost burnt the house down. Oh well, I guess there is always next year for pumpkin seeds because there is no way that I am going to scrap another pumpkin clean this year. Today the boys had off from school, so how does a mom of three boys keep them out of trouble? She carves pumpkins with them, makes lanterns, and last but not least she makes Goblin Snot and Ghost poo with them. Thanks to Emily for the last one. It was a huge hit. She found the recipe here on this blog.  The boys had fun carving their pumpkins.  Winston made a traditional Jack O Lantern while Roman made one with a design of a haunted house on it and Harris made his with an XBOX logo on his pumpkin.  The boys scored a ton of candy and were happy to give half of it away to the troops.  So grateful to the PTA for that one.  Yahoo!  They were so happy to donate their candy to a good cause.  Last year, I paid them a lump sum for their candy and my husband took it to work.  Well, it has been a long week of very fun activities and I am one tired mommy, so it is off to bed for me.  We hope you had a fun day.


Francesca said…
what a busy and fun day! we didn't do halloween at all this year, shhh!
Pumpkins look awesome! We have done that before paid Katelyn for half her candy and sent it to work. There is a dentist in town that buys candy starting today by the pound. Have a wonderful day!
Buckeroomama said…
Hahaha, great idea to pay them off for the candy loot!

The pumpkins look great!!

Thank you for linking with us over at Communal Global! :)
love the name of your blog post! great idea your PTA had to send candy to the troops, I wish ours did that because I'd donate a ton. now I have to eat it.
Unknown said…
Halloween is exhausting isn't it? Some years it's worse than Christmas. But it sounds like your kids had a really fun day!
Kelly said…
Jar idea...love it!
Company EIGHT said…
Sorry about the burnt pumpkin seeds...glad it wasn't me, because they are my favorite, lol.

Good idea about the candy--I don't know if my kids would go for it, but I wish they would!

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