Labor Day Weekend

I meant to post this yesterday, but I was too busy and then when I finally had a moment to sit down. Well, I fell asleep. This is what we have been up to this week.

Harris and Winston loved attending their friend Rohith's birthday at Andretti Speedway
They would have me take them every weekend if it were up to them.
They made me promise them that we could go back sometime.

A little bath fun includes lots of bubbles.

                                    We have been on a smoothy kick with the hot weather we
have been having it is still in the mid 90's every day. 

Roman is still madly in love with Super Heros.
He and his friend Bryson had so much fun dressing up in costumes.

                                       Look what we found in the backyard!  A snakeskin.
I wonder where the snake is????
We kicked off Labor Day by heating up the Grill.

Harris is reading the True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle in school this week.
I thought I would join him and read it too.  Afterward, we had fun talking about the theme of the book.
Have you read this book?

Well, the big boys are off at the other house cleaning up the yard.
We still haven't sold our other house.
I hope we sell it soon though I am losing a little hope in this economy.
Everyone wants to buy a house for nothing.  We just keep getting really low ball offers despite.
We refuse to go to the bank with a check.
Please pray we sell it soon.
I am off to take a shower.
Have a great weekend!
life rearranged


I hope and pray you sell your other home soon. We have another home in Utah we can't sell the economy is so bad...I hope and pray our renter renews her lease. I feel your stress. I hope you have a wonderful Labor day!
We have a had a few snake skins too, eeek!!!

fun pictures!!! got a handsome crew there!!!
Kelleyn tomorrow on my blog there is an award for you no pressure to pass on.Have a wonderful labor day!
jane said…
:) sounds like a busy (and fun) week! keeping my fingers crossed!
Unknown said…
Looks like a lot of good times. My youngest son loves super heroes right now too! Good luck with the house. Hope it sells soon.

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