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When I was in the 4th grade, I tried to learn how to play the flute. We lived in Lake Tahoe, California at the time and the winters were very cold. I was so bad at playing the flute that my mom sent me outside to practice. I ended up quitting. In high school, I took a keyboard class. I learned how to play twinkle twinkle little star and green sleeves. My real love though is for singing. I am by far no American Idol, but I can hold my own.  I enjoy singing in a choir. I still remember my first solo. I sang The Rose. I guess this kind of dates me doesn't it? Anyway, life kind of has it's own music. The swooshing sound of the treadmill, the little boy in the back seat who told me there were 3 Jacobs in his classroom. One with brown hair and two will yellow hair. Then by his side a red hair baby sucking her pacifier. The sizzling and cracking sound of schnitzel in the pan as I make lunch for my husband.   The crinkling of paper as my mother cuts out Addy's blessing gown made from the fabric of my wedding dress. Sometimes the noise can be overwhelming; especially, since I grew up an only child and my house was pretty quiet.  I wouldn't trade all this noise or music for anything. We lost two friends this week. One to cancer and another to an unexpected death for what should have been a routine surgery.  One had children that just left for college and the other had small children still at home. A reminder that we should never take anything for granted.


tanïa said…
Oh dear, I'm so sorry for your loss. You're so right, we shouldn't take anything for granted. And this is why I loved your description of daily routine music even more! The special sound of life. Every day. I will listen to it more intensely!

P.S.: I had to learn the flute in school and hated it. Also prefer singing, but I better keep doing it alone in my car. ;o)
Joyce said…
Oh Kelleyn, I am deeply sorry. This is a lot to take in. How are you doing? My prayers go out to their families and friends. My heart hurts for their children.

I hope soon the word cancer will be of yesterday and a cure is found, soon. My dear friend is battling this horrific illness.

I got goose bumps to hear about your friend with the routine surgery, brought back memories of how close I was to losing my life from a simple day surgery. I have to remind myself even though life isn't fair at times, God is good.

You are right we shouldn't take things for granted. Sending you big hugs my friend. xo
Francesca said…
Sorry to read about your friends Kelleyn.
I hope you'll show us the gown your mom is working on - what a wonderful use of your wedding dress!
Emily said…
I'm so sorry for your loss, but I think your right, the best music comes from the everyday sounds of happiness and life all around us. Thinking of you!
Allison said…
I guess it might date you a little, but I'm of the same vintage, so I get it ; )

I remember the first time that I had schnitzel. I was so excited because I thought, well, I'm in Germany now and I have to try it, not knowing what it was. When they brought it to my table I was very disappointed exclaiming, you mean it's just a fried pork chop?!?

I'm very sorry for you losses, I hope that you can comfort those who are still here. Life is very precious.
teri lynn said…
I am so sorry for your loss. You are so right, life is too short to take for granted. Thank you for that beautiful reminder!

I played the flute for five years of my young life. Some days I wonder if I could ever play it successfully again.

May this week's music of life be beautiful!
nadine paduart said…
THE ROSE might date you, but it's a great date!
sorry to read about your losses. when it rains, it pours sometimes.
yes, we need to live life while it's happening.
singing is a good remedy, which brings us back to THE ROSE...
Redeker said…
i'm sorry to read about your lost....
and yes...hapiness is music every day again!
elizabeth said…
The rhythm of every day life is great music!
Loss of loved ones has it's own sad song too, I guess. Sorry to hear of yours.
Beth said…
I agree that every day life is full of wonderful music that doesn't come from a Cd, record, radio, or instrument. I also think at times the music can get a little loud, but like you, I'll take it over the alternative.
I'm sorry for your losses. Such times does put life in abrupt and uncomfortable perspective, doesn't it? Has a way of rearranging our priorities and seeing music in the frying pan of lunch for husband and chattering of children, and so one. Touching post.

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