Indispensable "Cornerview"

OK, I am just only 4 days late with corner view this week; however, I have a very good reason for being late and that is my best friend flew in from Colorado Springs to visit me. She came to help me celebrate my 40th birthday. Before you start saying happy birthday I don't actually turn 40 until next Saturday. The first thing we did was go out to dinner at the Atlanta Fish Market. The Seafood is fantastic! Buffi had the Maryland Crab cakes and I had the Hong Kong Salmon. The next day it was off to get Pedicures. Once our toes were gorgeous, we celebrated my birthday with a group of my friends by the pool. The food was way to good. The friendship is indispensable. I don't know what I would do without good friends. They are so awesome.  On Friday, Buffi and I went to Stone Mountain. Now I am sad because she had to go home. It just wasn't enough time together. I guess I need to look forward to the next time we can see each other.  Thanks Buffi for coming and seeing me and to all my friends who came to celebrate with me. 


Happy early Birthday let the celebrating continue! How wonderful to have a good friend come in and make it even more special.
Francesca said…
happy birthday - you must celebrate the whole week, until the actual day!
Happy birthday - whenever the actual day is :)
friends are invaluable. My best friend is coming to visit the weekend after the next. Can't wait!!
Anonymous said…
happy early birthday ... enjoy your parties.
Tally said…
enjoy your friends and your new year

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