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We have had a busy week. Winston returned home from Germany last Saturday. Since he is not old enough to travel internationally alone nor would we let him travel alone, we were lucky to have a friend of the family "Carolin" volunteer to fly back home with him. Carolin is from Germany. It has been great having her here this past week and are lucky to have her stay with us for another three weeks. There is just no way we would be able to do any summertime activities without her extra set of hands. Baby girl is not nursing, so I am pumping for her. However, that means feeding take twice as long. I am lucky if I can get dressed before 10 am each day.    On Monday, we went to the zoo.  It was so hot and most of the animals were hiding.  I am making a mental note not to visit the zoo on such a hot day.  We left after two hours.   She took the boys to see Mr. Popper's Penquins along with the final installment of Harry Potter.  They loved both of the movies.  On Thursday, we headed to the lake because they always have so much fun when they are there.  On Saturday, my mom watched the baby and Roman and Carolin and I took Winston to the World of Coke.  We tasted so many variety of Coke products that I felt sick when we left.  I agree with the statistic that Coke is their number one product of the 500 brands they represent Some were just completely disgusting.  Yuck!


Francesca said…
I was wondering how Winston was going to make his flight back! So glad you're all together now. Rebecca was also a premie, and she never learned to nurse. All I remember from the early months, is the noise of NICU in the first weeks, and the noise of the pump machine (I gave up after two and half months, I was so exhausted!).
Anonymous said…
Pumping sounds exhausting, but I hope you are all doing well and recieving all the help you need. One day, you will be the one helping, so do take what is offered.

And how magical for you oldest to get to travel like that :)

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