Boy Scout Camp "Early Cornerview"

This past week Harris spent the week at Boy Scout Camp with other boys from our church that came as far as Florida and Tennesee. He was so excited to go. While he was there we got an e-mail from a man who goes to church with us. This is what he wrote,"In today's day and age it is amazing that I can be sitting here at scout camp and type you an email. I wanted to let you know that Harris is having a great time here at camp. He decided to take on the challenge of completing the mile swim, which involves 5:30am start for four straight days. He is doing this with four other boys in the troop. Last night we had a troop family home evening program. As part of that program, Brother Lubin asked all of the boys to share an experience they have had at camp that will help them on their mission. Harris shared that his preparation for the mile swim is teaching him to work hard and endure to the end, and that will help him to be a successful missionary. It brought tears to my eyes to listen to him share this observation with the group. It has been a privilege for me to watch Harris grow into a fine young man as I have watched him transition from a restless primary boy to a young man in the Aaronic Priesthood. He has a great testimony and is a wonderful example to the younger boys here at camp. You should be very proud of the decisions he is making. I know he will continue to make great decisions as he prepares to serve a full-time mission." On Friday, Harris completed the challenge with two other boys after a couple of the boys dropped out. I am so proud of him. I can't say that I would get up each morning at 5:30am to practice. Harris is now home and completely exhausted.


Francesca said…
oh, wow - congrats to Harris! My boys would totally get up each morning at 5.30 to practice, not to do school work though :)
Tiffany said…
Congrats to Harris...what an accomplishment and a great week!

Kelly said…
Way to go, Harris!
natsumi said…
Congrats to Harris! Boy Scouy Camp sounds a lot of fun! Happy Summer to you too!
cate said…
congrats, harris! and to mama, too, for raising such a good one!
Theresa said…
What a wonderful experience for him!
Dorte said…
wow ... you must be so very proud. congrats to harris :)
tinajo said…
Congrats to him, I love the pics! :-)
nadine paduart said…
proud mama... too right!
Company EIGHT said…
YAY Harris, that is FANTASTIC!
Dearest Kelleyn,
Wow, that is a coincidence as I've sent a drone video to my best friend in The Netherlands:
We took them there on September 12, 2006... Hard to believe how time flies.
How wonderful that you now could take the girls for this incredible experience!
Lovely photos and it did bring back fond memories for me.
Hugs and stay safe!
NCSue said…
Congratulations, Harris.
I'm fascinated by the crocheted tree decorations!
Thanks for sharing at
Dearest Kelleyn,
Wow, such happy faces and that will be a lasting experience which you will look back onto with fond memories.
Regardless the high cost of living; some European countries are like that.
Enjoy the remainder of your time.

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