Indian Summer

Yesterday was a gorgeous day! The sun was shinning and it was about 75 degree outside, and even though I had a pile of wash that needed to be folded and a dishwasher to empty I decided it would be a shame not to take advantage of the beautiful gift that was given to us. Roman loves being outside. As we were walking through the forest he kept stopping to show me things that he would find. He found a pine cone and didn't like that though. Sticks are his favorite and he has now discovered throwing rocks. Check out the knees on his pants. A dirty boy is a happy boy! Look what I found a heart in the tree trunks bark.


Anonymous said…
It's such a beautiful forest... lucky you are !! We have only pines in our forest here, without any colors of the autumn... have a nice week-end !
anna said…
very pretty, and what a cute little boy, he is clearly enjoying himself!Enjoy your weekend.
Melly Mel said…
such a beautiful boy! love that hair!
5orangepotatoes said…
75 degrees in November? Is this normal Atlanta November weather. I think it would be wonderful tramping through the woods enjoying Autumn in 75 degree weather. I'm starting to believe that Ohio gets too chilly too fast and chases me indoors. I can't wait to be able to come down and really explore the Atlanta area soon, wow, we might be down there living next year at this time. I love seeing Atlanta through your eyes.

sorry for the rambling.

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