The Harvest!

The day was so beautiful as we drove through the foot of the Appalachian Trail. The rolling hills and vistas around each corner. It was a day that for me at least makes me amazed at all of God's creations. What a masterful artist he is! Though it was not originally on our plan, we stopped at an apple farm in Ellijay to pick apples. The boys had fun. They picked about 4 different varieties: Rome, Cameo, Granny Smiths, and Golden Delicious. I can't wait to make an apple crisp and maybe some applesauce. The farm was having a festival and for $5 per child you could go on a hayride, pet the farm animals, and watch various groups perform. The smell of yummy food floated all around almost making me dizzy with delight, and had we not just ate lunch I am sure we would have had our teeth into the apple dumplings, cider, smoked turkey legs, or a plate of apples with caramel dip. The only thing I didn't like was the smell. I think the farm needs to move the manure to the far end of the property because I almost past out on the hayride. I better get cooking!


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