Aargh our new pets

Last week we become the proud owners of three fish and a snail. The black moor's name is Blackbeard, the gold one's name is Pirates Gold, and the calico one's name is Spot. I better not forget the snail his or her name is Spidey or Spiderman because he can climb the walls. The boys are having so much fun watching and feeding the fish.


Nadja said…
Nice pets!! The pirate scull is awesome ;-)
Misty said…
Fish are my favorite pets. Not too much work and no one cries when they die. They just have fun flushing them down the toilet!
Congrats on your new addition to the house!! Love the pirate skull!!
Skylar said…
I wish I had a pet!

I had fish when I was about eight. They're very good for beginning pets!

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