Since I saw the trailer for this movie, I have wanted to go see it. I was too little to see the original movie, but I would occasionally get a peek at the TV series shows that spun out of that movie. I even owned the soundtrack. I loved that sound track, and can still sing most of the lyrics to the songs. I wanted to be a dancer. My body had other plans, but deep in my heart I am a dancer. Unfortunately, the movie did not meet up to my expectations. While all the characters were wonderful the audience just wasn't given a chance to fall in love with them. You will be surprised by Naturi Naughten performance, who plays the character Denise, a young woman who is a trained classical pianist who is held back by her parents. I do hope to see more of her because she has the most amazing voice. The movie was too dis-jointed which took away the energy or the ability to get emotionally attached. The soundtrack was updated to the sound of today, and was equally wonderful. Sadly, I wished I had waited for this to come on DVD. Safe your money.


Nothing beats the original. Thanks for your review.

Greetings from London.
Elizabeth said…
I've only heard negative stuff about this new version. I always wonder why the movie industry has to keep on making different versions of great flicks? Have you seen Bright Star? It's my new favorite movie of the year.
Anonymous said…
I'm not big on movie remakes in general. I loved the orginal (I guess I wasn't too little, or perhaps the Italian dubbed version came out years later:))
;) said…
I saw the film in 1980... I never forget it ;)

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