Party Time!

This weekend we had a party to celebrate my 38Th birthday. Heck, why should one have to wait till their 40Th to celebrate. Despite the almost hurricane rains earlier in the day, we still had the party outside. It only sprinkled at the end around dessert time and then still the guest wanted to sit outside. The menu was delicious with Pacific Salmon with rosemary and caper butter, grilled pork tenderloin, Orzo sun dried pasta with Kalamata olives and Feta cheese, Capresse Salad, rolls, white bean dip with multi grain pita chips, Brazilian lemonade, and for dessert peach sorbet, homemade vanilla bean ice cream and vanilla cupcakes with pink frosting. The best part was that I was surrounded by my friends.

Brazilian Lemonade
1 large drinking pitcher
1 12oz can of Minute Maid Limeade
1/2 can of condensed milk
1 bottle of sprakeling water
and additional water to fill the pitcher to the top.
Add all ingredients to the pitcher, stir, and enjoy!


Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Happy Birthday.
Kelly said…
Happy birthday... why wait till 40 to have a big celebration? I like your thinking.
Unknown said…
Happy Birthday chica! I had NO idea you were 38!! You are lucky to look so great for your age. It sounds like you had a great celebration, I'm so glad. Wish I could have been there too. Keep on living life to the fullest!
Jenna said…
It sounds like your birthday was a fabulous celebration. What a lovely way to celebrate 38. 40 will be that much more of a party!
jane said…
happy happy birthday! it looks like you had tons of fun! besos-jane
Mulot B. said…
Thank you for your kind comment and happy bithday ! A lot of happiness!
jenni said…
happy birthday!

ps. thanks for the comment!
Happy Be-lated Birthday! Sounds like it was a great celebration and I can't wait to try that lemonade recipe.

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