The Historian

The Historian is perfect fall reading with Halloween around the corner. Not like you really care what I am reading, but since I did spend time reading its 642 pages I thought I would share a little about this book. What is nice is that this story is more grown up than the other vampire series that is so popular right now. So wonderful not to read page after page of Bella whining. While in general, this subject is not my most favorite it was interesting to read a fictional book with true historical folklore tales. While normally I devoured a book in a night or two, this one took me a month to read because there is so much historical detail. I think it is worth reading!


Thanks for the lovely review. And for the chicken recipe below. I am a cook and I am always on the lookout for new recipes.

Greetings from London.
Elizabeth said…
I haven't read this, but I understand Kostova has a new novel coming out soon! Thanks for the review...

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