Nashville Rocks!

Nashville Rocks that is to country western music. It is the home of the Grand Ole Opry and today the Country Western Music Awards. Throughout the city are even speakers that play country music throughout the day. A little hilly, but totally walkable Nashville is a quaint city with old brick buildings and tree lined street. A little quiet during the day the city lights up at night. The city is really trying to bring life back into the city by renovating their historical buildings and converting them into lofts. Thanks so much Sandy for letting us come visit you and your adorable family. We can't wait to come and see you again!!!!

downtown Nashville
The Grand Ole Opry Hotel
This hotel is worth taking a look at. It is pretty amazing. It has every flair of a big Las Vegas Hotel with it's spas, atrium, water boat ride, and restaurants galore. You wouldn't even have to leave the hotel if you stay there. My children kept asking me why we couldn't stay there. We even had a chance to see part of the National Clogging contest when we were checking it out. That was pretty cool in and of itself.
Belle Meade Plantation
While we didn't have time for the full tour, we still wanted to stop by and take a look at this famous plantation. If you have ever seen the movie Sea Biscuit this is where he was born along with other great horse legends. On our next visit I would like to go back and take the full tour. They even offer a story hour for children, but not on a daily basis.
While Cock of the Walk was not the best food I have ever had. My children thought it was pretty cool. The waiters wore costumes and the food is served on tin plates and cups. We did not leave the restaurant hungry because the portions are generous.

Cock of the Walk Restaurant


Winter said…
Hey! I saw your comment over at Travelingmama, about your son and 105 fever. Well it caught my eye, because we just dealt with that with my son. He had 105.3 fever last Monday, when it was a long holiday and all the Dr's offices were closed! Well he is better now, he had Strep throat. It was very scarey seeing that big number pop up!I pray your little boy is better too! Oh, the pictures are great, we are going to Nashville in Feburary! :)
Palmer and Co said…
I've heard Nashville is a fantastic place to visit! Great shots! Looks like you all had a great time!
sandals said…
Glad you had fun! We had a great time seeing you! Come visit again!
Allison said…
My cousin lives in Nashville and I absolutely fell in love with the city when I visted her. I didn't have much time to hit very many places, but she took me to a few of her local favorites. I had decided at the time that if it were not so far from home, I would have picked up and moved there instantly.

Upon reflecting upon that last thought, I guess it is kind of ironic that I moved to the other side of the pond.
Cherry B said…
Lovely! I wish people in DC appreciated country music more. My husband says, "They don't sing about $800 grand worth of dental work. I like it!" :)
I'll have to visit Nashville sometime soon. Looks like a very cute town!
Joyce said…
Beautiful! My husband would love to retire someday near Nashville. xoxo
Petit Elefant said…
I'm DYING to go to Nashville for Blissdom, the town just looks so cool.
Jamie said…
We used to have Easter brunch at the Grand Old Opry hotel every year. It is such a beautiful hotel.

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