Love Happens

Last night, my sweet husband gave me the night off. However, having the night off in my house means not getting a night off because there is always someone who wants a drink of water, or a sweet adorable two year old who climbs out of bed. You get my point. Anyway, I went to the movies. I was actually surprised at how good this movie was because I am not a huge Jennifer Aniston fan. She always seems a little hard. She is also great at funny movies, but I don't feel like she has a huge range of emotion. The movie was sweet and tender without being too cheesy or sappy. It was also a tribute to the city of Seattle. Jenna if you read this you need to watch this movie. It will prepare you for your move in the spring. Anyway, I love Seattle. It is where I met and fell in love with my husband, so if you are looking for something to go see. This one is a pretty good choice.


dawn klinge said…
That does sound like a good movie. I love the city of Seattle, so that's even more motivation for me to go and see it. How nice to have the "night off". :)
Palmer and Co said…
What a sweet hubby!!
Good to know... I'm not the biggest J.A. fan either.

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