Some families are soccer families and some are piano families, but ours chooses swimming. Now I don't think either of my children will be the next Michael Phelps, but if anything else it is a good skill to have. Maybe they will prove me wrong. This year lessons finally clicked for both boys. In the past, we had tried some lessons, but both boys spent more time goofing off then really perfecting their strokes. I think the threat that I gave them that they would continue with lessons until they learned how to swim had some effect. It really isn't their favorite sport, but I am hoping they will learn to love it. I think every child needs to have some kind of sport because it will help them to develop a healthy lifestyle. Harris graduated this year from a polliwog to a minnow and has learned all 4 strokes, but still needs time to really perfect them. Winston is close to becoming a minnow. He just needs to build up a little endurance and be able to swim the full length of the pull without stopping before they will graduate him.


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