Congenital Heart Disease

On Saturday begins Congenital Heart Disease week, our family will begin the celebrations by attending a party for the children who were born with CHD. As many of you know our son Roman was born with a heart condition called Tetralogy of Fallot. Then on the 10th, Roman and I will go to the capital to watch our Governor sign into law an official Congenital Heart Disease Week! Yahoo! Maybe one would wonder why we would celebrate such a cause when it should be such a sad thing; however, by celebrating it we are saying that we are grateful for medical advances that allow these children to even survive. It wasn't even until the late 1940's before anyone was even willing to work on the heart.
A couple of weeks ago children ages 8-11 gathered to make blankets for the cardiac babies at Sibley Heart center. The children had a blast and felt rewarded in knowing they were doing something good for someone else. These blankets are just a start in a much larger project called Roman's Blanket Project. This project will not only provide baby blankets, but will also make burp clothes, pillowcases, crayons and coloring books, and hopefully a list of needed items. Today we delivered snacks for the parent's lounge, cookies for the ICU waiting area, and 40 of the 160 blankets that were made. We also delivered 50 coloring books and 50 crayons and 30 burp cloths. Our goal is to make about 300 blankets this year.
This project has been made possible by bake sales and donations given from the faculty members of the Georgia Tech Business School, the Homework Center, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.


Charity... Service! Love it!
sandals said…
Wow! I am really impressed! You are a great example to many!
Andi said…
What a great cause... and I love those blankets, they are the best for snuggling.
Jenna said…
How great this cause is that you so passionately support. Why can I not read your blog sometimes with out crying? What a blessing for Roman to have such a great family and Mom! You inspire me! Have a fabulous day!

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