Around 10am this morning, I got a phone call from my son who was at school. The conversation went as follows.
Harris: Mom (in sad pathetic voice)

Mom: thinking in her head "oh no" he is calling me to tell me he is sick and wants to be picked up.

Harris: Are you bringing cupcakes at lunch for my birthday?

Mom: Well, I wasn't planning on it. I don't have a car today.

Harris: Can't you call Nana and ask her to come home so that you can bring some?

Mom: Well, Harris nana is at work. I don't think she will be home on time, and on top of that, I don't have any cupcakes.

Harris: Oh (even more sad in his expression followed by a pause) Well, then can you bring some on Monday?

Mom: Yes, I can do that.

Harris: OK, then bye!

He hung up the phone and I felt so terrible. Every year since kindergarten I have brought cupcakes to school to celebrate his birthday. Even worse is that he isn't getting a big birthday party this year since he had a big party last year. I called my mom to see what time she was getting home and she said shortly before noon. I had planned on running to the store real quick to pick up the cupcakes since I didn't have the ingredients. Then I remembered that I had seen a recipe on another blog for a cookie cake. I thought that would be perfect since I did have all the ingredients for that. Today a mom was redeemed because another blogger had shared her recipe. My son was happy.


Mel-o-drama said…
I saw your FB status, but you had failed to mention there that you were sick from too much HOMEMADE cookie cake which you "happened" to have all the ingredients to (I am lucky if I have all the ingredients for cold cereal!)
Traveling Mama said…
I am SO thrilled that you enjoyed the recipe! Happy Birthday to Harris! How we got to Morocco is kind of a long story, but we had worked with our same boss a few years ago when we lived in Spain. He moved to Morocco and offered us a job with his NGO. We were back in the States at the time, so we packed our bags, sold our house, and pretty much everything we owned and headed for Morocco!
Nadja said…
Happy Birthday, dear Harris!!!!

I wish you all the best and send you 985729847293847230948 hugs and 8732323923923 kisses from Austria!! Love,


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