Usually, I forget the funny things that my kids do or say. So, I wanted to write this one down before I forget what Harris said tonight. Anyways, Roman had gotten into my wallet and pulled out some of my cards. Harris took them away and was looking at my drivers' license and says, "Mom you got an "F" in sex." I said, "What are you talking about?' He says well on your license it say you got an "F" -How do you get an "F"? Well, it was all I could do from laughing my head off. First, I asked him if he knew what sex was and he told me he couldn't tell me because Winston was standing next to us. Then he pulls me aside and says it is when you kiss with your tongues. I explained to him that on the driver's license it was talking about gender meaning female or male. He was like "oh." I guess it is time we have the talk with him before he Googles it which he was about to do before I was able to distract him.

The funny thing is I was about the same age when I found some fishing license forms of my grandpas. I thought it would be fun to fill one out. I got to the section where it asked for sex and then gave an F box or an M box, but I didn't understand what that meant. I then wrote a big fat "No". Everyone in my family got a big kick out of that.


First, Love the new look!

Second, great story!

Thirdly, here is a similiar story. M has a co-worker that is married to a woman from Canada. Their little boy is 9 and for some reason is worried about 'aliens'. His father being as he is, replied "well son, you know your mother is an alien?" Of course his son didn't believe him so his dad then told him "I'll prove it, go get your mother's licence". Then he was told to read it. He read out loud "Resident Alien".

To hear him tell the story, it's just hilarious!
Nadja said…
soooo funny! both stories are awesome! :-)
Company EIGHT said…
I literally laughed out loud with both of your stories---so funny!
thepetersonfive said…
That was hillarious. I have to remember the one with the alien for when I need it.

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