Roman 16

A few weeks ago, Roman turned 16.  He is our third son and third child.  He is a sophomore in high school.  He just got his permit about two weeks ago, so it will be another year before he drives.  We aren't too sad about that because it is expensive to have so many boy drivers in the family.  Currently, he is really into boxing and for the past 6 months, he is been doing a Thai version.  He wants to switch to the American version of this sport.  We are very nervous about this but have met with a boxing coach in the city.  He will start lessons soon.  They are all growing up so fast.  Well, it is really late, so I should get to bed.  Hope you are having a good week. Oh, I forgot to mention we celebrated his birthday with homemade chocolate cake and ribs.  I made the cake and he made the ribs.  He makes really good ribs!  He enjoys cooking.


William Kendall said…
Happy birthday to him.
Happy Birthday to Roman!
That sounds and loooks very special!

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