Lacrosse 23

Hello! I hope you have a lovely week.  It has been a crazy week around here! Well, my weeks are always crazy in comparison to the average person. One of the things I didn't mention in the last two posts was that two weeks ago today, Winston was driving home from Idaho and fell asleep at the wheel.  It was totally his fault.  He had stayed up late on Saturday night visiting friends, left too late in the day, was driving in the dark, and was also driving on cruise control.  Thankfully, he was not injured.  The car is totaled, but he walked away without a scratch and he didn't hurt anyone else.  The good news was that he was in the far left lane and instead of drifting right into the oncoming traffic he drifted right and hit the highway divider.  Anyway, needless to say, we are beyond grateful that he is OK, but he is now out of a car.  There is a very very small chance the car can be saved, but we won't know until the autobody shop has a look at the car and gives us an estimate.  In other news, Frank is just about finished with his cases for his book and then he will be off from his book for the next year and a half when he begins writing all over again.  He is on a three-year schedule for his book, but really by the time he completes the proof pages, cases, and marketing he only gets a year and a half off. Addy made the decision back in December to do lacrosse again this spring.  She is really loving the sport and has made a huge improvement over last year. As for me, I have spent the week booking all of our travel for this year.  I still need to book the Hot Air Balloon ride in Turkey and the tour guide, but I have all the hotels booked for spring break, summer vacation, and a wedding in Germany with a side trip to Germany and a ski trip in December. Also, looking into 2024 travel with the potential to go to Thailand, but that one is going to take me working a little harder with my photography to get the money for the plane ticket.  They have gotten so expensive.  Ouch! Well, I need to run.  We head to Florida on Friday with my mother who is flying in on Wednesday.  The girls are so excited to see her!  Frank is finishing up some work and Roman just got a job at Chipotle, so he will be working as well.  Have a great week!


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